The IT Governance Process

  1. Customer completes the Project Request form.
  2. IS conducts a project intake interview.
  3. IS creates a complexity, risk, and cost/benefit score card based on the project intake information.
  4. IS determines whether proposed project goes to governance, and if so, which advisory committees.
  5. Advisory committees review project intake information & project score card, then make recommendations to the Steering Committee on whether to proceed with the project and what priority to assign it.
  6. Steering Committee reviews project recommendations from advisory committees for project and determines a) whether to proceed with the project or not, and b) if the project is to proceed, what priority it will have within the IS project portfolio.
  7. Outcome is communicated to requestor, along with prioritization/timeline or rationale.
  8. Approved projects are sent to the Project Management Office.
  9. Brief survey sent to project requestor for feedback on the governance process (regardless of status of project).
IT Governance Process Flow

Please note that proposals may take as long as 60-120 days to be reviewed by governance, depending upon the complexity of the proposal and the meeting schedules of the IT governance committees.

If you have questions about the governance process, please contact