Data Management Committee


The Data Management Committee (DMC) coordinates activities and recommends policies and practices to improve the quality, consistency, security and accessibility of University data and related systems-of-record. The DMC serves as a central advisory committee on matters regarding data access, data integrity, data management training, and data management policy development. The DMC makes recommendations to the IT Governance Steering Committee.

The specific charge of the DMC is to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities of data stewardship and identify areas requiring assignment of data stewards.
  • Resolve differences in data definitions among offices and processes that require consistency.
  • Identify and prioritize required activities to improve the consistency and accuracy of current and historical data.
  • Recommend changes in processes, training and systems to improve and maintain data quality.
  • Recommend policies and practices to facilitate appropriate access to data by individuals and departments and to maintain compliance with all regulatory and policy requirements.
  • Recommend priorities to improve the integration of data among software applications to support data quality and analytics strategies.
  • Act as a central vetting and advisory body to orient and improve understanding of and access to data definitions and data sources.


Membership is comprised of authoritative representatives from designated offices of the University. We may invite guests from time-to-time to provide additional input for key decisions. It is expected that members attend all meetings or send a delegate. If attendance becomes an issue, members will be asked to reevaluate their commitment.

  • Melanie Jenkins (Institutional Effectiveness, Co-chair)
  • Troy Boroughs (Information Services, Co-chair)
  • Kristen Ball (Registrar)
  • Patrick Benner (Student Development; Student Advising)
  • Jerry Clemmer (Budget; Campus Services; Facilities)
  • Christin Harris (Advancement)
  • Brittany Schaal (Provost's Office)
  • Denise Jones (Human Resources)
  • Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias (Faculty Technology Committee)
  • Tom Nicholas (Admission)
  • Kathryn Owens (Financial Aid)
  • Kate Sirc (Athletics)
  • Steve Walker (Finance; Payroll; Student Accounts, Budget)
  • Dustin Engels (Office of Planning and Policy)
  • John Craft (Information Security, ex officio)
  • Kevin Creamer (Information Services, ex officio)
  • Kristine Henderson (Compliance, ex officio)